“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” Jim Barksdale, former CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation.

About Us

At our core we are machine learning algorithm enthusiast. We relentlessly strive to design the best possible algorithm because data matures like wine and algorithms like fish. Graphnile might not be what you expect but it is what you need. We will tell you how to turn your data into information, information into insights and insights into better decisions. We specialize in economics research, financial modelling, political risk analysis, electoral analytics and cyber security. We leverage data and take an interdisciplinary approach to providing the solutions. We apply the concepts of engineering, physics, statistics, econometrics and computer science to data analysis to deliver the optimal solution.

Our Philosophy:

We trust in Empiricism. Empiricism is the philosophy of science which emphasizes evidences.

What we believe:

At Graphnile we believe that the world is one big data problem and machine learning algorithms holds the answers. We know that data is the oil of the 21st century, and machine learning is the fastest turbocharged formula-one car ever made.

In fact, Data powers everything that we do.

What to expect from us:

We can help you to transition from gut based decision making to data driven decision making.

What not to expect from us:

We are not well positioned to advise you if you do not have sufficient amount of structured or unstructured digital data. We are armchair analysts. We prefer to work from the comfort of our office rather than seek truth in the field to formulate “The Strategy” like “Management Consultants”.

Our Core Values:

  • WisdomSubstance over Style
  • Innovation: Responsive to the change
  • CourageConform to Turning Tides
  • CollaborationAssociate to Excel


“We want to become the premier signature in the sphere of data based research and analytics providing unsurpassed standards of service as well as reliability while continuing to set up higher benchmarks”


“Graphnile is committed to bestowing highest quality service possible. We are driven to support our customers and the research industry with unsurpassed standards of service and reliability . With these goals and commitments, we aim to exceed expectations that promotes long term growth for our valued customers and the industry”