Our data science experts whom we call Computational Genomics Investigators(CGI) serving Bioinformatics research community by participating in International R&D collaborative project. We develops novel solutions in Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling, Data Visualization techniques for Bioinformatics. Our focus in solving complex Bioinformatics problems is based on relevant data analysis methodologies.

We have intuitive tools for Bioinformatics process tracking with comprehensive analytics systems which explore data and verify hypothesis. The visualization result is the combination of powerful statistical methods and algorithms.

Our Analysis includes datasets from:

Gene expression: RNA-seq, microarrays, real-time PCR

MicroRNA: microarrays, real-time PCR

DNA methylation: microarrays

Protein expression: microarrays, antibody arrays, 2-D gels


Metabolomics data

Flow cytometry data

Any multivariate data of size up to 1000 x 100,000