Cyber Security

In this age of digital interconnectedness accentuating cases of data breaches and advancing attacks on confidential information are costing businesses and national government millions of dollars as well loss of brand reputation. This is on account of a largely unsophisticated and unregulated internet and has forced organizations worldwide to adopt strategies and re-modelling programs aimed at protecting confidential data and devise contingency blueprints to prevent against cyber-attacks.

Graphnile’s Business Continuity Planning Division (BCPD) boasting of award winning teams from its Cyber Vulnerability Planners (CVP) and Counter Contingency Unit (CCU) provides a complete detailed package of cybersecurity valuation as well as audits which can turn the tide in the cyber risk battle. Consultants from CVP while gauging Client’s undertakings deliver a coherent package of programs, strategies as well as mechanisms which facilitate the Client in protecting their operations worldwide.The CCU subunit drawing in experts from its Cyber Security Audit (CSA) and Cyber Risk and Compliance (CRC) teams provide a review of the organization’s technological infrastructure scrutinizing its traditional and innovative techno framework.

Integrating the inputs from its CCU and CVP units Graphnile’s BCPD compiles the assortment which would help the organisation to smoothly transition to next generation technologies and employing the organization’s cyber secure infrastructure on third –platform such as cloud, mobile and big data.