Financial Modelling

In an increasingly complex and precarious global environment, intuition can be the basis for decision making or making headway against predisposed assumptions. At Graphnile we help our clients in building robust, rigorous and accessible financial, business cost models. Graphnile’s Financial Modelling experts engage with clients to design reports which deliver incontestable business benefits. Impressed by our excellent record and conduct our clients have extended and diversified our partnership to cover fields such as investments, financial transactions, strategic planning and operational analysis. Our Proposed models are subjected to meticulous measures like integrated control and ‘error-checking’ mechanisms to adhere to paramount quality standards making them unrivaled in market.

Post-delivery of the model our comprehensive customer service makes sure that clarifications, feedback and upgrades can be inculcated therein within the shortest turnaround time showcasing our commitment towards excellence. We understand the far reaching consequences that even a minor error can have on business and decision making. Hence at Graphnile we also provide Model Reviewing and management services which would help you in administrating and mitigating Financial Modelling risks. We at Graphnile audit the existing model against our standards for robustness, accuracy and reliability contributing to a significant improvement in the quality of the output.

Independent Model Validation Offering:

  1. Credit risk models (CVA, PD-LGD models)
  2. Market risk models (VaR, IM, VM) and
  3. Model risk
  4. Automating testing processes in VBA

We have extensive experience in stress testing, CCAR, scenario analysis and back-testing. We have performed model validations for futures, forwards, options, swaps, CDS, CDXs and other structured derivatives. We investigate key aspects of each model under review: choice of model, its correct implementation and optimal use of the model.

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