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Statistician interpret data and communicate results to the clients, often with the aid of mathematical techniques and software. They ensure that complex statistical concepts are explained in a way the client can understand, and often advise on strategy. Some studies take only a few months to complete, while others take years of work.

  • consulting with clients and agreeing what data to collect and how it should be gathered – taking into account any ethical and legislative considerations;
  • designing experiments, trials or surveys to produce the required data;
  • collecting and analysing the data;
  • interpreting the data and making sure that the right decisions are made based on the results;
  • monitoring data collected throughout its shelf-life;
  • presenting results to senior managers, regulatory authorities, clients, etc;
  • advising policymakers on key decisions based on results;
  • carrying out research, often as part of a team;
  • writing reports and articles for publication;
  • presenting findings at conferences both in the UK and abroad.
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Location Mumbai
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The Head of IT and Technical Services is an important role and will often be the first point of contact for all technical matters. The person in this role will need a background in operational IT systems and networks, web development (and design) and project management.


Help to formulate and implement the organisation`s IT and Technical Services strategy;
Develop and maintain the website
Project manage system development functions;
Ensure the websites, CRM database, servers and telecommunications systems are secure, administered and managed in the most efficient and effective way, that they are fit-for-purpose, and that they are regularly kept up-to-date and backed-up as appropriate;
Maintain an off-site back-up and ensure that there is in place a tested disaster recovery plan;
Ensure data protection policies are adequate and effectively enacted;
Oversee web administration including content management of websites;
Provide, and oversee as appropriate, all the technical support, training and procurement for the IT and audio-visual requirements and licenses at HQ, at Meetings and Conferences

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Location Australia
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Business Operations and Strategy-Sydney

    • Take ownership of projects
    • Work across teams to engage stakeholders, deeply understand problems, and gather data
    • Diagnose complex problems and develop compelling, data-driven recommendations
    • A role requires rigorous financial or business analytics and/or strategic thought
    • Backgrounds: Quantitative public policy & nonprofit, bioinformatics, investment banking, private equity, data science
    • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
    • Willing to learn and lead
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